Joy as Torah dedicated at Samuel's tomb

Bereaved family dedicates Torah scroll to tomb of Prophet Samuel in memory of holocaust survivor and baby - both named Samuel.

Hezki Baruch ,

Torah scroll (illustration)
Torah scroll (illustration)

A celebration took place at the Tomb of the Biblical Prophet Samuel Sunday night, as a Torah Scroll which survived the Holocaust was dedicated at the holy site.

The Torah scroll was donated by the Glanz family in memory of two people named Samuel, their son, and the man who saved the scroll, Holocaust survivor Samuel Tzvi Ben Israel.

Ziva Glanz spoke with Arutz Sheva about the special story of this Torah scroll, which is being dedicated to three generations of Samuels. "Today we are celebrating the bringing of a Torah scroll to this site that belonged to a Holocaust survivor, Samuel Ben Israel. We called our son Samuel in memory of this Holocaust survivor to ensure (the survivor's) continuity."

"Unfortunately," Ziva said, "my son lived only one week, and we decided to bring this Torah scroll which survived the Holocaust to the Tomb of Samuel the Prophet in order to ensure a memorial for both (souls)."

"It was a very hard year for us, having lost a week-old baby" she explained. "It is the hardest thing in the world, worse than any other pain. To turn that sadness and grief into joy for something special - this is closure. Samuel the Prophet was born because of his mother Hannah's prayers, and we dedicate this Torah scroll to sanctify their souls, that of our baby (Samuel), the Prophet Samuel, and the Holocaust survivor Samuel. It is an emotional (moment) that gives us comfort."

"I dedicate this Torah scroll to all families that do not have continuity." she declared. "And I hope that it will be a comfort for all the people of Israel and all the families that lack continuity."