Yesh Din: No delay for Amona destruction

Leftist organization which filed the original case against the town of Amona rejects the state's request for a delay.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Miriam Tzachi

The extreme leftist Yesh Din organization has filed a petition urging the High Court to reject the State's request to allow the demolition of Amona to be delayed by seven months.

Last Monday the State formally requested that the High Court allow the destruction of Amona be delayed so that it can find a solution for the residents who would be made homeless by the demolitions.

In their response to the State's request, Yesh Din emphasized their demand that the destruction of Amona take place at the end of this year as currently scheduled.

The letter reads, "The request of the respondents (to delay the destruction of Amona) is unfair and causes further and unjustifiable pain and damage to the real victims of the Amona affair, the Palestinian landowners, the petitioners, and the members of the communities that have waited for two decades to return to their lands."

No specific landowners came forward in the Amona court case.