'He hunts for girls, abusing them on buses'

Teenage girl's Facebook post tips off police to serial molester targeting underage Israeli girls for sexual assault.

Reut Hadar,

The suspect waiting for victims
The suspect waiting for victims
Courtesy of Israel Police, Malichi family

Israeli police arrested a 32-year old man from the central Israeli city of Petah Tikva, on suspicion he has sexually assaulted a number of underage girls during bus rides.

Police were tipped off about the serial molester when a 15-year old girl exposed him in a Facebook post that went viral.

The teen included a picture she had snapped of the suspect, and an explanation of his modus operandi.

According to the post, the man in question would wait near bus stops, and when a young girl would board a bus, he would follow her on, and sit next to her during the ride.

During the course of the ride, the suspect would allegedly grope the girls.

A local police officer saw the girl’s Facebook post and looked into the matter.

Police were eventually able to identify and locate the man, who was taken into custody.

The case is currently under investigation.