Canada to renew ties with Iran

Canadian Foreign Minister claims renewing Tehran ties will help protect Israeli interests.

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Canada's Foreign Minister Stephane Dion
Canada's Foreign Minister Stephane Dion

The Canadian government, headed by Prime Minister and Liberal party head Justin Trudeau is working to renew ties with Iran, claiming there are political benefits to a Canada-Iran relationship for Israel as well.

Canadian Foreign Minister Stéphane Maurice Dion spoke at the Council on Foreign Relations in Montreal on October 17, saying the federal government is determined to play an active role in UN organizations, to strengthen the UN position and to take part in UN peacekeeping efforts across the globe.

In addition, Dion said, "We are working to renew our relationship with Iran, in order to protect our values and interests as well as those of our friends, including Israel."

He also claimed ISIS twists the Quran.

"Apocalyptic ideologies appeared in this century - and one of them is the ISIS' twisted version of the Quran, which we cannot abide by. It supports the murder of everyone who refuses to accept its authority," Dion said. "The international community must fight this murderous ideology with determination, this ideology who first victims are the Muslims themselves."