Former pitcher fires back at Jewish critics

Curt Schilling says liberal Jewish leaders who criticized his comments on Jews and Democrats are “clowns”.

Ben Ariel and JTA ,

Curt Schilling during his time with the Boston Red Sox
Curt Schilling during his time with the Boston Red Sox

Curt Schilling, the former All-Star pitcher and prospective U.S. Senate candidate, criticized liberal Jewish leaders who criticized his comments on Jews and Democrats and referred to them as “clowns”, JTA reported Thursday.

Schilling made headlines last week when he appeared on CNN and asked Jewish host Jake Tapper why Jews in the United States continue to vote for the Democrats when they have been so clearly anti-Israel.

Tapper replied that he does not vote in presidential elections, supports neither the Democratic nor the Republican party nor does he speak on behalf of the Jewish people, but did say, “I would imagine, just to try to answer your question, one of the reasons many Jews are Democrats has more to do with social welfare programs and that sort of thing than it does for Israel."

On Wednesday, reported JTA, Media Matters, a liberal watchdog, posted a compilation of liberal Jewish groups and leaders condemning Schilling’s comments.

“Right, I'm the one that doesn't know history,” Schilling tweeted in response, adding the hashtag #Clowns1andall.

Also attached to the tweet was a link to Jewish voting patterns in presidential elections going back to 1916, apparently to back up Schilling’s contention in the CNN interview.

Schilling posted the tweet in response to one from the Interfaith Alliance, which linked to the Media Matters post and called Schilling’s remarks “outrageous.” The Interfaith Alliance’s director, Rabbi Jack Moline, a longtime Democratic activist as well as a senior rabbi in the Conservative movement, was quoted in the post.

“His tone-deaf remarks about Jewish Americans are just the latest in a long line of offensive statements that call into question his judgment and values,” Moline told Media Matters. “His Facebook page alone, where he has compared Muslims to Nazis and praised the Confederacy, renders him unfit for public office.”

“The elevation of someone as blatantly bigoted and anti-Semitic as Schilling to a national media position is yet another side effect of the Trump campaign and a preview of what a Trump presidency could look like,” Stosh Cotler, the director of Bend the Arc, a Jewish group that has taken a lead in the community in opposing Trump, told the liberal media watchdog.

Schilling, who won three World Series with the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Boston Red Sox, was suspended by ESPN in of August 2015 after he compared Muslims to Nazis.

In April, the network fired Schilling altogether after he posted an anti-transgender comment.