Jewish Federations end ban on Judea and Samaria

Leading American Jewish umbrella organization nixes 49-year ban on visits to Judea and Samaria.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Flash 90

One of the most prominent American Jewish organizations ended a nearly 50-year ban Thursday morning, permitting representatives to conduct official visits to Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria.

The Jewish Federations of North America, once known as the United Jewish Communities, includes the Council of Jewish Federations, the United Jewish Appeal and the United Israel Appeal.

The JFNA and its predecessors barred members from conducting official visits over the Green Line after the 1967 Six Day War, a policy that remained in place until a meeting of top JFNA executives was held Wednesday night.

According to a report in Haaretz, Wednesday’s meeting was held at the behest of the Israel Action Network, an anti-BDS organization.

Some JFNA members worried the move would help Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria gain legitimacy.

“I’m worried about them normalizing the settlements,” one JFNA insider told Haaretz.

The change in the JFNA’s protocol would not only permit representatives from making official visits to Jewish communities, it would also pave the wave for trips to Arab towns, which also fell under the ban.