Shootout in Brooklyn Jewish neighborhood

Jewish worshippers in Crown Heights shocked to witness gunfight unfold before their very eyes during Simchat Torah holiday.

Gary Willig ,

Crown Heights - Illustration
Crown Heights - Illustration
Haim Toyita

Jews celebrating Simchat Torah in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Crown Heights when the sound of gunfire erupted in the streets, the haredi website BeHadrei Haredim reported.

Yankee Kornblatt, a Chabad chasid, recalled the frightening event that took place as religious Jews were on their way to shul Simchat Torah night.

"I went with my friends to shul at about 8:00. The street was full of haredim going to shul. Suddenly I heard a gunshot, and then another one, very close to my ear. My friends and I instinctively threw ourselves on the ground. We thought it was a terrorist attack because of the increased police and security presence during the holidays."

"After the shooting stopped we moved up, looked around, and a short distance from where we stood, we saw a black man lying on the floor in a pool of blood. All around me were frightened haredi women and children who did not know where to run.

"Before we could get any closer the ambulances and police cars arrived. It turned out that there was a feud between several black youths. The police questioned us, and other witnesses said that two young men shot (the wounded man)."