Sec. cabinet approves Arab construction in Area C

Building projects for Arabs permitted in areas of Judea and Samaria under direct Israeli control.

Yoel Domb,

Palestinian construction in area C
Palestinian construction in area C

The security cabinet approved a number of building plans and permits for Arabs in area C in Judea and Samaria, according to a Ha'aretz report Thursday. These areas are under full Israeli jurisdiction, with both civil and military control in the hands of Israel. The decision represents the first time in the last few years that Arabs have been given permits to build in this area.

According to the report, the decision was kept under wraps and was not publicized in order to prevent political pressure from local Jewish community leaders

The decision is part of the "sticks and carrots" program initiated by Defense Minister Liberman and presented to the media during the course of the month of August. "The goal of the program is to benefit those who are willing to coexist with us while at the same time oppressing those who wish to perform attacks against us," said Liberman.

The decision was reached during a cabinet meeting which took place on October 5th, just after Rosh Hashanah. Only a half of the members of the security cabinet attended the meeting which culminated in a vote.

Among those attending the meeting, Prime Minister Netanyahu, Defense Minister Liberman, Interior Minister Deri, Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz and Construction Minister Galant voted to approve the plan, while Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon left a note in favor of the plan and Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked left a note opposing the plan. Education Minister Naftali Bennet also voted against the plan.