'The extreme left is not welcome in Be'er Sheva'

Be'er Sheva Councilman: 'As long as those organizations are in Be’er Sheva, I will fight them and make their lives difficult.'

Benny Toker ,

Be'er Sheva
Be'er Sheva
Flash 90

Be’er Sheva city councilman Shimon Tobol continues to fight against extreme left-wing organizations, including Breaking the Silence, Doctors for Human Rights and Machsom Watch, which, lately, frequently attempt to hold meetings in the southern Israeli city.

Tobol says that the arrival of such groups to Be’er Sheva is gall of the highest order. “Be’er Sheva is the city that took the most hits from missiles [from Gaza]; left-wing groups that come here in the name of human rights and concern for the Palestinian Arab population - at a time when children are still suffering trauma and wetting the bed because they are afraid to use the restroom when the lights are off, their elders are startled by every loud noise because it reminds them of a rocket alert - to come here and talk about [army service] refusal or Palestinian rights is unbelievable.”

Tobol told Arutz Sheva that he will continue to wage a campaign against said groups so that they leave the city. “They come and tell IDF soldiers that they are war criminals; I also fought in [Operations] ‘Protective Edge’ and ‘Pillar of Defense’ - am I a war criminal? I am proud to fight for revenge against terrorists and, as long as those organizations are in Be’er Sheva, I will fight them and make their lives difficult.”

Tobol called on the Mayor to prevent extreme left organizations from using public facilities. “Lately, [an army] refusal event took place in a public shelter in Be’er Sheva; we turned to the Mayor, and the Be’er Sheva logo was removed and they continued the event on their account, but I think that it is forbidden to [even] allow them to hold an event in a municipal building, even if the event is not at the city’s expense. The Mayor agreed with us, and we hope that we will succeed in stopping this phenomenon that is worthy of all condemnation."