Israel victorious at international conference

Israel stops Arab motion at Inter-Parliamentary Union and gets a representative elected to the Forum of Young Parliamentarians

Shimon Cohen ,

שרן השכל
שרן השכל
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Israelis are used to thinking of their country as being subject to an inordinate amount of international boycotts and condemnations. However, a Knesset delegation had two successful days recently at a conference of the Inter-Parliamentary Union`s (IPU) Committee on Middle East Questions in Geneva.

MK Sharren Haskel (Likud) spoke with Arutz Sheva about the Israeli delegation's accomplishments, the first of which led to the the rejection of the Palestinian Arab initiative. The initiative, which had been promoted by the Moroccan delegation, was to hold an emergency meeting on the 'Palestinian issue' in order to recognize a 'Palestinian state' in parliaments around the world.

The second achievement was Haskel's election as the IPU's Europe-area representative to the Forum of Young Parliamentarians, a move which gives her a greater say and understanding of what parliaments from member countries deliberate upon.

"We had two great successes." Haskel told Arutz Sheva. "One was that we were able to prevent the passing of the Moroccan-Palestinian motion for the recognition of a 'Palestinian state.' This is not the recognition of one nation, but recognition by parliaments around the world. It took a collaborative effort to stop the motion."

In the end only one emergency meeting was held at the conference, a session on the ongoing conflict in Syria, which has claimed more than 400,000 lives and created millions of refugees.

Haskel faced an uphill battle for Israel's second victory at the conference. Despite the anti-Israel motions that pass regularly at international institutions, like UNESCO's most recent vote to deny the Jewish connection to the Temple Mount, she won the election for the position of European-area representative to the Forum of Young Parliamentarians with 33 votes to her Italian rival's 22.

The Foreign Ministry and Knesset Foreign Affairs Department have spent the last few weeks working to convince parliaments from around the world to vote for Haskel.