Jewish reporter threatened: Leave US or die

An alleged Trump supporter sent a Jewish Politico reporter a threatening and anti-Semitic message that she should leave the US or be killed.

Gary Willig ,

עליה או הוצאה להורג
עליה או הוצאה להורג
צילום מסך

A Jewish editor for the political news website Politico has been suffering anti-Semitic abuse over twitter from a purported supporter of Donald Trump.

Hadas Gold, the editor of Politico's “On The Media” blog, received a message with a photoshopped image of her wearing the yellow patch the Nazis forced Jews to wear and with a bullet hole on her forehead.

The message underneath the image said "Don't mess with our boy, Trump, or you will be first in line for the camp." The message went on to threaten “Aliyah or line up by the wall, your choice.”

Politico reported the threatening tweet to Twitter, which closed the account of the culprit. However, Gold has received other anti-Semitic tweets.

Gold tweeted in response "What does it say about this election that I'm so meh about really crazy anti- Semitic attacks on me on social media and via email?"