Thousands tour City of David on Sukkot holiday

Families enjoy free tours and festive fun in Jerusalem's Old City during Sukkot.

Aviad Even-Chen ,

מטיילים בעיר דוד
מטיילים בעיר דוד
צילום: יח"צ

Thousands of visitors have toured ancient Jerusalem during the Sukkot holiday, enjoying a wide variety of tours and attractions either free or heavily subsidized.

The Sukkot Festival takes place in Valley of the Kings. It includes a flute workshop, camel riding, pita making, basket weaving, and more. The festival is run by the Jerusalem Development Authority and the City of David (Silwan). All activities are free, and visitors could access the Shiloach pool for only 15 shekel.

Reut Wilf, who runs the City of David's PR section said, "On chol hamoed [the intermediate days of Sukkot and Pesach - ed.] especially, there is no better family activity than visiting Jerusalem, and especially the CIty of David and the Kidron Valley, which is where our forefathers journeyed during the festivals thousands of years ago.

"We invite everyone to come to the festival in the Valley of the Kings near Kidron. Come join the tours in the City of David's National Park, and refresh yourself in the Shiloach's waters."

This year, the Biblical City of David saw record numbers of visitors. The 3-hour tour includes panoramic views, as well as a tour of the ancient city's water system.

Nine-year-old Ma'ayan said, "When we went underground, I felt like I was going back in a time machine! It was so much fun!"

Another tour especially good for kids includes funny stories and ends at the Western Wall. This tour is called "Touring with Dee Dee," a cute harp who takes the kids on a trip of the secret places in the City of David.

There are also tours on Armon Hanetziv, and an archaeological site in the Emek Tzurim National Park, for both adults and kids. For more information, call *6033.