Trump and Pence to address Israelis

Republican party to hold major rally in Jerusalem, including video speeches from Donald Trump and Mike Pence.

Ben Ariel ,

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

The Republican party will hold a major campaign rally near the Temple Mount next Wednesday, October 26, two weeks before the presidential election, Republicans Overseas Israel has announced.

The event will be held under the title “Strengthening Jerusalem” with the goal of delivering a message, in light of UNESCO's resolution ignoring the Jewish connection to Jerusalem, that the party is unified behind the need to maintain the unity of Jerusalem and avoid political involvement when it comes to the city's historic identity.

The event will include speeches to be broadcast live via video of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, and his running mate Mike Pence.

The first part of the rally will be formal and be devoted to the support for Jerusalem, and the second part will include the political speeches.

The preparations for the rally began two weeks ago, with representatives of the campaign arriving in Israel in order to meet with party leaders in Israel, headed by attorney Marc Zell.

Trump's campaign has already opened offices in several locations across Israel, including Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Modi'in.