We won't rest until we find out the truth

MK Nurit Koren says genetic testing can uncover the truth behind the missing Yemenite children of the 1950s.

Gary Willig ,

נורית קורן
נורית קורן
צילום: חזקי

MK Nurit Koren (Likud) participated Tuesday night in a panel at the 15th Yemenite Music Festival in Rosh Ha'Ayin. The subject of the panel was the Yemenite children, missing since the 1950s when their parents moved to Israel.

Koren heads the Knesset Lobby on Yemenite Children, which aims to uncover the truth behind what is called the Yemenite Children Affair. It seems that many Yemenite parents were told during the 1950s that their newborn children had died in the hospital, but in the cases involved, the parents were never provided with a death certificate, their children's bodies to bury or a gravesite. For decades it has been alleged that the Yemenite children whose parents were told they were dead were in fact stolen from their parents and given to childless Ashkenazi Israeli families for adoption. It is alleged that money was paid to caregivers by the adoptive parents, both of whom were kidnapping children whose parents have been grieving for them ever since.

Koren wrote on her Facebook page about the panel, which was moderated by journalist Rina Matzliach and included Rosh Ha'Ayin Mayor Shalom Ben Moshe, Yigal Yosef, former National Insurance head Yigal Ben Shalom, and journalist Mazal Moalem, all of Yemenite origin. Rosh Ha'Ayin was originally settled by Yemenites.

'It was an emotionally charged discussion," Koren wrote, "in which I said that we have to continue to work on this issue. I also called on people to undergo genetic testing."

Genetic testing can help determine if a person who was raised by Ashkenazi parents is actually of Yemenite or Mizrachi descent.

"With your help we will continue to search for the truth behind the affair of the children of Yemen, the East and the Balkans.”" Koren added. "Recently we performed another round of tests aimed at creating a genetic database in cooperation with the MyHeritage organization."

"We hope that these tests will allow us to expose this chapter in the history books of the State of Israel. We will not rest and we will not be silent until we have found the truth."