Bennett summons teachers who supported terrorism

Two teachers from eastern Jerusalem appear to have participated in show of support for Jerusalem terrorist.

Ben Ariel,

Ministry of Education building
Ministry of Education building
Flash 90

Education Minister Naftali Bennett will summon for clarification two teachers who appeared to support terrorism, Channel 2 News reported on Tuesday.

The saga revolves around the incident with the eastern Jersualem-based Hilal Al-Quds soccer team, whose coach and players honored terrorist Mesbah Abu Sabih, who murdered two Israelis in a terrorist attack at the Ammunition Hill light rail station in Jerusalem.

The coach and the players photographed themselves with a picture of Abu Sabih and also held a moment of silence in his honor before the game. Earlier this week, police arrested the coach on suspicion of inciting attacks against Jews.

According to Channel 2 News, among those who appeared in the soccer team's photograph are also a principal of a boys' junior high school in Isawiyya, and a physical education teacher from a junior high school in Silwan.

One of the two teachers spoke of his appearance in the photo and said that he had not expressed support for a terrorist.

“I may have been in the photo but I do not care about such things. I'm a school teacher and I respect the school and the Ministry of Education. These things do not interest me.”

However, the Education Ministry said in response to the report, “If this is indeed correct, it is serious incitement. Minister Bennett has ordered that those involved are immediately summoned by the ministry's director general for a clarification. Anyone who incites against Israel will not be employed in the field of education.”