Living in the Land of Israel atones

The parsha of Haazinu shows it to be true.

Dr. Joseph Frager‏ ,

Rachael Cerrotti - Flash 90

The last verse, Posuk, of Moshe's Song of Haazinu is very illuminating. "He will bring retribution upon his foes and he will atone for his Land and his People".

Rashi says, "He will pacify his Land and his People for all the suffering which both endured at the hand of Israel's enemies". The Ramban says "He will grant atonement for our sins for His name's sake". According to the Ramban the redemption of Bnei Yisrael will occur no matter what. This is an explicit assurance of our Redemption.

The Bechor Shor goes further and says that the Posuk implies that G-d Almighty will cause the Land to atone for his People. That is why there is no conjunctive "Vav" between the words "Land" and "People". They are intertwined. This point is driven home by Rav Moshe David Vali. According to Rav Vali the Land of Israel is the "Body" and the Jewish People are the "Soul". The Posuk above in Haazinu makes this clear by connecting the Land directly with the Jewish People. When the Jews were not in the Land of Israel, the Land became a wasteland.

One could easily see this in Mark Twain's writings when he visited Israel in 1867. And vice versa the Jewish People were incomplete without possession of the Land of Israel. Galut (Exile) was and is not good for the Jewish People. Only when the Jewish People and the Land of Israel are reconnected are we at our best and strongest.

The Rambam in Hilchot Melachim (Chapter 5) states that anyone who lives in Israel , his or her sins are forgiven. Even if a person walks four cubits in the Land of Israel his sins are forgiven and he is rewarded with Olam HaBah. Being Buried in Israel is a major Kaparah. The Rambam uses this Posuk in Haazinu as a reference for these Halachot. Now that the Jewish People have been re-united with the Land of Israel may the Redemption come speedily in our day. Shabbat Shalom