Netanyahu held Dore Gold back at Foreign Ministry

Chairman of Foreign Ministry Union says Netanyahu taking ministry apart, prevented Dore Gold from fixing issues.

Nitsan Keidar ,

Hanan Goder
Hanan Goder
Hezki Ezra

Foreign Ministry officials found it difficult to digest the turn of events after Dore Gold announced his resignation as Director-General of the Foreign Ministry earlier today, citing personal reasons.

Veteran diplomat Yuval Rotem has been appointed to succeed Gold.

"He hasn't even left yet and I already miss him." said Chairman of the Foreign Ministry Workers Union Hanan Goder in an interview with Arutz Sheva. "He was the person most identified with Netanyahu. If he couldn't solve the problems in the Foreign Ministry, then I fear that the person who replaces him won't be able to do it either."

Your relationship with him had some good days and some not-so-good days.

"It wasn't easy. But there's no shame in failing. There's only shame in not trying at all and giving up.

Were you surprised by Dore Gold's message?

"He tried to keep it a secret. Even the Foreign Ministry employees themselves only found out about it today."

How was this expressed?

"He got a car made of candy from the Prime Minister, as we say in Israel. He got in. The wipers worked. The headlights were on. Only Netanyahu never gave him the driver's key. He (Netanyahu) took on (this issue of) the US. He took on (the issue of) Russia. He took on (the issue of) Iran. He took on )the issue of) BDS. And he left (Dore Gold) (the issues of) Africa and the committee issues.

Do you think that after eight acting directors things look a little different?

"I don't. The Prime Minister is not interested in repairing the Foreign Ministry.He wants to scatter (its functions) into four, seven, or twelve different parts. No one can explain it. It was like a bomb was thrown at us; our Director-General resigns, another twenty minutes and he'll be gone. I know we're six months away from Purim, but our defining sentence for the Sukkot holiday should be "And the city of Shushan was left bewildered (A quote from the story of Esther. ed. )."

What about Yuval Rotem's appointment? Do you think he can make a difference?

"Yuval is a professional. He's quiet, but he works with grace and charisma. But until Netanyahu decides to bring the office back to life, nothing is going to change." posited Hanan Goder.