Study:anti-Semitic attacks in London underreported

New study finds that anti-Semitic targeting of Haredim in London is grossly underreported.

Gary Willig ,

Haredi Jews in London, 2015
Haredi Jews in London, 2015

A new study conducted by the Stamford Hill Shomrim, a Jewish neighborhood watch organization in Britain, found that the actual number of anti-Semitic incidents against Jews in London is much higher than official statistics suggest.

While official police records only record two or three anti-Semitic incidents per month, the Shomrim study shows that there was an average of eight anti-Semitic incidents a week for the past month, between ten and fifteen times the number of incidents in the police record.

Rabbi Herschel Gluck, the president of Shomrim, said that numerous incidents against the haredi Jewish community of London go unreported.

“It has long been said that anti-Semitism is underreported in the haredi Jewish community, which is the most visible segment of the Jewish community, but these figures are nevertheless shocking.”

In one of the incidents recorded by Shomrim, an 11-year old boy was forced to remove his kippa (skull cap) by a group of anti-Semitic youths. In another, a Jewish woman was asked on Rosh Hashanah if she covered her hair because Hitler had shaved it off. The perpetrator went on to perform the Nazi salute.

This is the first time a full study of the anti-Semitic targeting of the London haredi community has been carried out.