'Why give scholarships to terror supporters?'

Mother of slain teen Hallel Ariel expresses outrage that the Hebrew University gives a scholarship to those who support terror.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Hallel Ariel, pictured with her mother
Hallel Ariel, pictured with her mother
Courtesy of the family

Rina Ariel expressed outrage in light of a publication in Yisrael Hayom according to which the Hebrew University is allowing students to volunteer at the Center for the Defense of the Individual in exchange for a scholarship.

“We are in shock. Everything that strengthens the terrorists and their families is horrible. I don’t understand the rationale of the Hebrew University,” said Rina Ariel, mother of Hallel Ariel who was killed by a terrorist. Ariel’s statement was in light of an advertisement in Yisrael Hayom which stated that Hebrew University students are allowed to volunteer at The Center for Defense of the Individual in exchange for a NIS 1,000 scholarship which is funded by foreign organizations and in exchange for academic credit.

The organization appealed to the Supreme Court against the demolition of terrorist houses. The organization describes itself as a human rights organization which “helps Palestinian residents of the occupied territories whose rights were infringed upon by the state of Israel.”

Matan Peleg, director of the Im Tirzu organization, said, “our hearts are with the destroyed families who are receiving a slap in the face from academia.”

In response, the Hebrew University released a statement saying “it is the duty of societal institutions to challenge national policy and the government.”