True Story Happening in Bet El
Incredible true story happening now in Bet El...

His father is dysfunctional. His mother is in a closed insane asylum. Though once living the streets, Binyamin will now go far in the IDF...

Baruch Gordon ,

Rav Yair and Binyamin
Rav Yair and Binyamin
Photo: IDF Prep Academy

On Sunday, when "Binyamin's" teacher Rav Yair sat me down and told me the gruesome details of this young cadet's story, I shed two tears: one of sorrow for what he endured in childhood and one of joy for his newfound strength.

"I have no doubt," said Rav Yair, "that Binyamin will reach great heights in the IDF and be a role model and leader for wayward youth in the future. He's changing by the day... it's happening in front of our eyes.

Binyamin and Rav Yair
Photo: IDF Prep Academy Bet El

Click here to read a brief of Binyamin's incredible story. Partner with us by providing for Binyamin's scholarship at the Bet El Pre-IDF Prep Academy. Though his parents are alive, they are utterly dysfunctional as related in his story. He has no home, no contact with them, no support. Binyamin does have great talent that he is now tapping into. Paying his tuition is perhaps your most meaningful Yom Kippur gift.

Read Binyamin's incredible story. See more pictures with his teacher Rav Yair.

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