A new rabbi for Israeli Police

Rabbi Rami Barchihu, of the Judea and Samaria community of Talmon, has been appointed new Rabbi of the Israeli Police.

Reut Hadar ,

Rabbi Rami Barchihu
Rabbi Rami Barchihu
Hillel Meir

Rabbi Rami Barchihu reacted this evening for the first time to his appointment as Chief Rabbi of Israeli Police.

“I want to thank the Minister, the Police Chief, and the whole police staff for the choice. On the eve of Yom Kippur, I take the position upon myself with fear and trembling, with an understanding of the heavy responsibility placed upon me to serve Israeli Police, and to help consolidate systematic halachic guidelines which will allow every policeman who observes mitzvot [religious commandments] to maintain a religious lifestyle.

“I am full of prayer that I will know how to do my work with wisdom and sensitivity, while bridging and connecting together all the parts of Israeli society,” the Rabbi said.

Earlier, it was reported that Interior Minister Gilad Erdan received the proposal for the appointment from Police Chief Roni Alshikh, and approved the appointment.

Rabbi Barchihu today serves as the Rabbi of the community of Talmon, and as the head of the religious study forum “Believers in the Police,” which has been working for several years now to clarify halachic protocols that will allow those who keep the mitzvot to serve in the Israeli Police.

The Tzohar Rabbinical Organization, of which Rabbi Barchihu is also a member, praised the Rabbi’s appointment.

“Rav Barchihu is a leading Torah scholar responsible for establishing the “Believers in the Police” program, who for many years has been involved with public affairs and has always acted with sensitivity and understanding of the issues. With our many years of familiarity with his work and his approach, we feel confident that the Israeli Police have selected a candidate who will be open to the interests of all. We believe his strengths as a spiritual and personal leader will significantly benefit the advancement of the police as a national force proudly defending its citizens,” Tzohar said.

Rabbi Haim Druckman, Chairman of the Union of Hesder Yeshivas, said of Rabbi Barchihu: “[He] is a scholar who will know how to bring the spirit of the study hall to police action and to the national forum - with pleasant ways, Torah and faith.”

The initiator of the “Believers in the Police” program, Nahi Eyal, said, “I am excited about the appointment of Rabbi Barchihu. The Rabbi is a trailblazer, who succeeded with amazing commitment, bravery and sensitivity to forge a merger between Religious Zionism and Israeli Police, and to lead them with a feeling of purpose for the Nation of Israel, without injury to the Torah.”

“I salute the Police Chief and Police staff for the worthy appointment; the appointment, which enjoys wide support, speaks of the personality of the Rabbi, who works to join all the parts of the population. Many challenges await the Rabbi in his new position. I am convinced that Israeli Police and the whole nation will be blessed from this appointment,” Eyal said.