'No religious Jews on Channel 10 board'

Rami Sadan claims anti-religious agenda is the real reason he was removed from post as head of Board of Directors for Channel 10.

Gary Willig ,

Rami Sadan
Rami Sadan

"Mission Accomplished. The Board of Directors for Channel 10 will remain free of anyone from the religious right. Very good representation."

That was the response by public relations expert Rami Sadan on Facebook to the news that he had been removed from his post as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Israel's Channel 10.

Nachi Eyal, the CEO of the National Forum for the Land of Israel, voiced support for Sadan, who was Netanyahu's pr person during the prime minister's first term of office. "Rami, you still have more to tell. You'll make it back to the national media."

This morning, The Second Authority for Television & Radio decided unanimously to remove Sadan after an investigation determined that he had embellished his resume with two years of managerial experience that he did not have.

By law, the chairman of the Board of Directors of Channel 10 must have had at least five years of managerial experience before taking on the position.

Sadan was the center of controversy earlier this year, when comments he allegedly made against MK Aryeh Deri and the Shas political party held up his appointment to the position just four months ago. Sadan denied having made the statements and the Communications Ministry backed his version of the story after an investigation. Deri, however, expressed satisfaction at Sadan's removal from position as director.