Netanyahu praises security forces for great work

The Prime Minister said security forces acted quickly in the attack in North Jerusalem this morning.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Scene of the terror incident
Scene of the terror incident
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Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke at the cabinet meeting Sunday and praised security forces who acted quickly today in the terror attack in North Jerusalem, near the police station in Sheikh Jarrah.

"Several minutes ago we in Jerusalem experienced a shooting attack by a terrorist in a vehicle," Prime Minister Netanyahu stated, "He attacked several people. We are still clarifying the details and our forces are active on the ground. First, I would like to send wishes for a recovery to the wounded, and to say, as it appears from the reports that we are receiving, that there was very quick and determined action here by Israel Police personnel who pursued the terrorist and eliminated him. Of course, we will update you when we receive additional details."

The prime minister also added "I would also like to update members of the Cabinet that I intend to have the Nuclear Research Center-Negev renamed after the late Shimon Peres. Shimon Peres worked greatly to establish this important enterprise, an enterprise which is important to the security of Israel for generations, and I think that it would be right and proper to rename the center after him."