Soldiers accidentally enter Arab village

Two soldiers enter Dura, near Hevron, and pelted with rocks. Security forces rescue them safely.

Ido Ben Porat ,

IDF soldiers (illustration)
IDF soldiers (illustration)
IDF Spokesperson's Unit

Two IDF soldiers on Thursday evening accidentally entered the Palestinian Authority village of Dura, near Hevron, with their military vehicle, before being rescued.

The military vehicle was pelted with rocks upon entering the village. Large forces were sent into the village in order to rescue the vehicle and remove the soldiers from the village safely.

Last month, two female soldiers accidentally drove their car into the Palestinian Arab city of Tulkarem.

The car that they were driving was attacked with rocks. The two soldiers managed to escape the area unharmed, thanks to the help of local Palestinian Arab police.

An initial investigation found that the soldiers were directed into the city of Tulkarem by their navigation app.

They intended to go to the Beit Lid army base near the city of Netanya, but were instead directed to the Arab town of Beit Lid near Tulkarem by the app.

A recording of the intense phone conversation between police and the two female soldiers was later published, with one of them being heard saying, “Please, I need you, I went into an Arab village...they’re throwing rocks at me. You have to come save me from here."