Building the world's largest floating sukkah

The world’s largest floating sukkah is being built at the Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem Hotel.

Eliran Aharon ,

Guy Kleiman
Guy Kleiman
Eliran Aharon

The world’s largest floating sukkah, at the Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem Hotel, will be designed and decorated this year as an ancient vineyard, inspired by the various kinds of Israeli grapes.

Speaking to Arutz Sheva, the hotel’s CEO Guy Kleiman said that the sukkah will be able to host about 350 guests.

“It’s a very complicated operation. We put a lot of effort in the security of how we build the sukkah, in the kashrut of the sukkah and in how we [actually] build the sukkah. We’ll be ready a few hours before the first night of Sukkot. It’s a big operation with a lot of planning. Building the most beautiful sukkah in the world takes time, but we’re ready,” he added.