'Service against the state? Not on my watch'

Minister of Agriculture says he will forbid national service volunteers from serving in pro-BDS organizations.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Minister Uri Ariel
Minister Uri Ariel
Flash 90

Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Uri Ariel (Jewish Home), who is responsible for Israel's National Service, clarified on Wednesday that he will forbid national service volunteers from serving in an organizations that boycott the state.

Most National Religious young women, who are entitled to exemptions from the IDF, and young men whose profiles preclude enlistment, serve the state for one or two years in various fields, from acting as aides in schools and running youth groups to hospital and organizational work.

“National service that stands against Israeli citizens? Not on my watch,” Ariel said, saying that he received an application from volunteers from a television organization called Televisia Hevratit (translated as "social television") which supports BDS.

“That’s not how this goes,” Ariel stated. “Israel doesn’t have to commit suicide and definitely doesn't have to take funds for this from the state budget. I’ve taken the necessary steps to stop national service volunteers from serving in those organizations.”

A complaint was filed by a man named Amit Deri from an organization called “Reservists on the Front.” Deri posted on his Facebook page that “Televisia Hevratit” is an organization that supports the boycott against Israel in many different ways. They broadcast shows which support evading the draft and discuss BDS in a positive light. Only on Tuesday they showed a video of prominent anti-Israel BDS activist Roger Waters.

Ariel added, "While you are reading these words the 'women’s flotilla' is on its way to Gaza. The same Gaza that is a source for rockets fired against the children of Sderot this morning.” He noted that Televisia Hevratit has spots for four national service volunteers.