Charlie Azariya: My son is being framed

Charlie Azariya pleads with the Prime Minister to end the case against his son Elor.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Soldier Elor Azariya in court
Soldier Elor Azariya in court
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Charlie Azariya, the father of Elor Azariya, the soldier on trial for shooting a wounded terrorist in Hevron, begged the prime minister to close the case against his 19-year-old son.

“Elor is a child. Perhaps he looks strong but he is delicate inside. I am asking the Prime Minister and the Chief of Staff: stop this nonsense, it’s really a circus,” Charlie Azariya said.

Charlie is recovering from the stroke he had a month and a half ago. He is convinced that there is a connection between his poor health and his son’s trial.

“For five months I’ve been fighting with the media, with the judicial system, it’s a massive amount of pressure,” he said in an interview with Arutz 2. “I am fighting for my life, on a daily basis.”

Charlie demands the court appoint an investigative committee to that will examine the way his son’s case has been handled. “You don’t need to be a detective to see that they are trying to contrive the prosecution against my son. I understand the law, I know what witnesses are. When I see the injustice that is happening in this courthouse …It makes my head spin.”

“I don’t know whom to turn to. I demand that an investigative committee inspect the way this case has been handled. Take the prosecutors, you don’t need to understand the law in order to understand that it has been mishandled,” he explained.

Elor’s father had harsh criticism for several high ranking military officials saying, “He hasn’t been convicted, but you can see it, you can feel that they are all following their commander ['s wishes] at the moment. The minute that the Defense Minister, the Chief of Staff, decides one thing, they all fall in line. Nobody called us, no military official checked on my son and asked about his well-being or if he needs something. The only thing keeping him together is his family. It’s horrible. I sent a soldier to go fight for this country, I am not the one who sent him to Hevron.”

“Our family has fallen apart,” he said, “Elor is a child. Yes, he looks strong but he’s delicate on the inside. He’s internalizing everything and holding it in inside. The person giving him care said that if this trial continues, the damage will be far worse. That’s why I’m pleading with the Prime Minister and the Chief of General Staff. Please stop this nonsense, it’s all just a circus.”