Infant dies in Petah Tikva nursery

MDA teams performed resuscitation on a baby and evacuated her to Schneider hospital where doctors were forced to declare her dead.

Yoel Domb ,

Photo: IStock

A 5-month-old infant was found unconscious on Monday in a Petah Tikva nursery. Magen David Adom teams summoned to the place performed resuscitation procedures on the infant and evacuated her to the Schneider children's hospital where doctors declared her death.

At this point, the events leading up to the death of the infant are not clear and police have opened an investigation.

About three weeks ago, a 7-month-old child of migrants was declared dead after being found unconscious by a staff member in a South Tel Aviv nursery.

Initial investigations revealed that the baby was brought by her father to the nursery after apparently having fallen. In the afternoon the kindergarten teacher noticed that the baby was unconscious and not breathing and summoned her father and MDA.