EJC 'appalled' by idea of de-terrorizing Hamas

European Jewish Council blasts EU court official's recommendation to remove Hamas from terror list, says evidence of terrorism abundant.

Hillel Fendel ,

Hamas rally in Gaza
Hamas rally in Gaza
Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash 90

The recommendation of the European Court of Justice to keep Hamas off the EU's list of terrorist organizations has drawn the ire of European Jewry.

The European Jewish Congress (EJC), the representative organization of European Jewry, announced on Monday that it is "appalled" by the recommendation, which, it said, stems from "narrow-mindedness."

The advocate general of the EU's highest court recommended last week that the court reject an appeal against the lower General Court's decisions in late 2014 to declassify Hamas as a terrorist organization. The 2014 decisions were made simply because of a technicality, the EJC said, and maintaining those decisions means that Hamas’ assets will be unfrozen.

The appeal was issued by the Council of EU member states. Though the advocate general's advice is generally accepted by the court judges, a spokesman for Israel's Foreign Ministry said on Thursday that Israel is convinced that the EU will do "everything necessary" in order to keep Hamas on Europe's terror list.

“It is unconscionable that European bureaucrats are playing with people’s lives due to a technicality and narrow-mindedness,” said Dr. Moshe Kantor, President of the EJC. “Hamas has murdered countless people and ensures that millions more live in misery. Their means to kill many more could be given to them on a silver platter because someone in Europe feels there is not enough evidence to define them as a terrorist organization.”

“One only has to open up their proudly written charter to read that they seek bloodshed and terror and even aspire to the genocide of Jewish people worldwide," Kantor continued. "If this is not enough to explicitly define them as a terrorist organization then all they have to do is employ someone who understands Arabic to read and listen to all the murders they have taken credit for throughout the years.”

“We call on moral and ethical leaders to rectify this issue once and for all because this isn’t some legal argument with little bearing but the potential arming of people whose raison d’être is murder and mayhem,” Dr. Kantor said. “While Jews are continued to be targets in Europe, European bureaucrats could be providing the ammunition both on this continent and elsewhere.”

The European Union legal opinion stating that the terrorist organization controlling Gaza should be removed from the EU list of terrorist organizations was delivered by Eleanor Sharpston, one of ten legal advisors to the European Court of Justice.

Legalistic attempts to differentiate between murderous terror groups and those members of their leadership who join or take over governments in the vain hope that this will transform them and the terror organizations into responsible leaders have been employed to try to recognize both Hamas and Hezbollah in the past