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Michael Fragin updates you on the behind the scenes of American politics, outlining the road to victory.

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Trump and Clinton
Trump and Clinton
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Michael Fragin discusses, "Less than 24 Hours until the First Debate".

The first debate between the two US presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, will take place Monday at Hofstra University in Long Island, New York.

The candidates will be asked to address pressing issues on the American public agenda. The answers they give, as well as their body language, facial expressions, and general demeanor, will provide tools for the voters to choose between Trump and Clinton.

Millions of viewers from around the world will follow this debate, as well as the two others scheduled before elections day. Past experience has shown that the debates have a major impact on public perception of presidential candidates, and so Clinton and Trump have reportedly been preparing for the debates for weeks, rehearsing answers to likely questions as well as some rhetorical barbs to be directed at opponents.