Three children killed, one son disabled

A series of tragedies leaves a family bereft and in need of help.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

יוסי פוקס, חדשות 24

Nothing could have prepared me for the moment when I received that terrible phone call and was rushed to the hospital's intensive care unit, where the doctors told me that my dear son had lost his ability to move and would be disabled for life.

It was devastating, but somehow we gathered the strength to move on.

A short time later, before my family had managed to recover, another disaster happened. A fatal accident claimed the lives of three of my young children, who were killed instantly.

We were - and are - wounded, frightened and alone.

The medical treatments for a child who is as severely disabled as our son are very expensive. We are still grieving, yet our situation has worsened and our obligations are growing.

The owner of our apartment wants to throw my children out on the street.

Please have mercy on us.

The holidays are at the door, and while everyone else considers the holidays a rest I am busy finding a housing solution for my large family. Please give me a chance to survive and sustain my family in the face of this adversity.

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