Police to get new anti-stabbing protective gear

Troops stationed in Jerusalem and Judea & Samaria will get new gear that will protect their necks from stabbing attacks.

Shai Landesman ,

Border policemen in Jerusalem
Border policemen in Jerusalem
Photo: Jonathan Sindell/ Flash 90

As stabbing attacks have once again grown more frequent over recent days, Border Police troops will soon be issued new special protective gear for their necks, the purpose of which will be to protect them from stabbings, according to a Channel 2 report.

Troops stationed in "hot" areas, namely, Jerusalem and Judea & Samaria, will be issued the knife-proof gear.

The security establishment has already issued such equipment to hundreds of policemen and Border Police troops, this in order to provide greater protection for those operating in areas where there is a greater degree of contact with the Arab and/or Palestinian population.

In parallel, efforts are being undertaken to develop new types of equipment that will provide maximum protection while hindering the troops' freedom of movement as little as possible.

Two policemen were stabbed near Herod's Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem on Monday. They were both seriously wounded. In the past few days and weeks, there has been an uptick in the amount of attempts at stabbing attacks by lone terrorist actors, and thus the security establishment is looking to increase preparedness for such incidents.