Attack on Israeli embassy in Turkey foiled

One person reported wounded by gunfire during attempted attack on Israel's embassy in Turkey.

David Rosenberg , | updated: 1:35 PM

Attempted attack on Israeli embassy in Ankara
Attempted attack on Israeli embassy in Ankara

One person was been wounded by gunfire during an attack on Israel's embassy in Ankara, Turkey.

Turkish NTV reported that the shooting took place while two people attempted to enter the embassy, though the number of attackers has not been confirmed.

Witnesses claim a man armed with a knife shouted “Allahu akbar” while attempting to enter the embassy.

According to a report by CNN, the incident was an attempted stabbing attack, and the attacker was shot in the leg by a Turkish police officer.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry issued a statement, saying that all embassy staff members were safe and accounted for.

According to a Ministry spokesperson, one assailant targeting the embassy was shot by a security agent.

"The assailant was shot and wounded by a local security man,” the spokesperson said, adding that he was “wounded before he reached the embassy.”

Local police are currently examining a suspicious object at the scene.