Taxi driver beaten for 'indecent proposal'

Taxi driver in his 30s offered to pay underage girl to kiss him, go on a date. But her friends had something else in mind.

David Rosenberg,

Meir Sela

A taxi driver from central Israel got more than he bargained for last week when he made an indecent sexual proposal to an underage girl.

The man, in his 30s, sexually harassed a 16-year old girl from Jerusalem, pressuring her to kiss him and go out with him on a date, Yediot Ahronot reported. The driver even offered her money for such an arrangement.

Afterwards, the girl discussed the incident with her friends, who hatched a plot to get revenge on the man for his sexual harassment.

The group consisted of the girl who was harassed by the driver and six friends, four boys and two girls, all 16-year olds from Jerusalem.

As part of the plot, the girl at the center of the proposal contacted the driver and agreed to his arrangement. She directed him to meet up at a specified location, bringing along one of her female friends for the trip.

The driver picked up the two teenage girls, who asked him to drive to a meeting place in northern Jerusalem.

When they arrived, the trap was sprung, and three of the girl’s four male friends attacked the driver, beating him with a club. The conspirators stole 1,000 shekels ($265) in cash he had brought with him for the ‘date’, as well as his smartphone.

The fourth boy picked up the youths in a getaway vehicle, leaving the driver at the scene of the crime.

A witness called police, who found the injured driver.

Police have arrested the conspirators, including the girl harassed in the case. Despite initial denials, the girl invited for the ‘date’ later admitted her involvement in the scheme. The three assailants are also in custody and are likely to be indicted for their role in the incident.

The driver was also taken in for questioning and warned that he could face criminal charges for sexually harassing a minor.