Marauding drunk driver gets ludicrous sentence

Unlicensed driver refused to stop at police roadblock, tried to run over policemen and refused to be tested with breathalyzer.

Yoel Domb ,

Drunk driving (Thinkstock) שתיה נהיגה רכב
Drunk driving (Thinkstock) שתיה נהיגה רכב

A 45-year old Akko resident was caught late at night driving the streets of Akko [Acre] even though he never passed a driving test.

Policemen tried to stop him and test him for drunken driving with a "Yanshuf" breathalyzer but the driver refused to stop and picked up speed, endangering the police officers' lives in the process.

After a police chase in the alleyways of Akko, the man was apprehended but refused to undergo the breathalyzer test despite police requests.

The indictment against the driver included charges of drunken driving, attempts to run over policemen, failure to undergo a breathalyzer test, driving without insurance or a license. The prosecution demanded an extended jail sentence.

However, due to police omissions when filling in the report, the prosecution was forced to reach a very lenient compromise whereby the accused was given three months of public service and a minimal fine of 1,500 NIS.