Regavim: Government must act to protect Route 1

Illegal Arab building adjacent to Maale Adumim turning Route 1 into the site of terror attacks.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Car after rock attack (illustrative)
Car after rock attack (illustrative)
Israel news photo by Ephriam Menashri

The Regavim organization, which deals with land ownership issues and works to fight illegal building in Israel, demands that the government destroy illegal Arab building adjacent to Route 1, in the area of Maale Adumim about ten minutes east of Jerusalem, after large stones and paint bottles were thrown at an Egged bus on Friday.

Route 1 is the main highway connecting Tel Aviv and Jerusalem in Israel and continuing eastwards to the Jordan Valley.

The bus was driving down the hill from Jerusalem towards the city of Maale Adumim, when the stones and paint bottles were thrown at it.

The driver of the bus was lightly injured after the windshield shattered. He was taken by MDA to Shaare Zedek hospital in Jerusalem.

"Yesterday we witnessed the realization of the threats we have been warning about," a representative of Regavim said.

"Enforcing the law around Route 1 is not a luxury, but a cornerstone of sovereignty. It cannot be that the European Union gives speeches about 'illegal settlements,' but with its own hands creates illegal Arab settlements that threaten the security of Israel's civilians."

Members of Regavim blamed the Israeli government for not bothering to destroy the illegal houses or stopping the illegal Arab building spree.

"In February, the High [Court] judges rejected our appeal to destroy these illegal buildings, which were built with funds from the European Union, on the basis of foreign policy considerations."

"But specifically because of foreign policy, and in order to protect the residents, we must stop this [illegal Arab building] now, before the next terror attack," said Regavim's representative.

Maale Adumim's residents have been dealing with illegal Arab building for several months. At the beginning of this month, they decided to take anoher step and contacted Regavim.

The residents of Maale Adumim, together with Regavim, put out a "news article" describing the "theoretical shooting attack" that has yet to happen on Route 1, but is a distinct possibility.

Among those participating in the video were MKs Shuli Mualem, Moti Yogev, and Oren Hazan, who referred to the future "terror attack."

Avihai Shorshan, from the "Maavak" staff, and a resident of Maale Adumim, said, "Every day I pass [here] and I see how [fast] this illegal city is sprouting, right in front of my eyes. It endangers myself and my three daughters."

"I am not willing to turn Route 1 into the Philadelphi Road [that runs between Gaza and Egypt - ed.]. It's a real ticking time bomb, and no one is dealing with it. [They are] waiting for a tragedy to happen," he warned.