Man attacks officers in Manhattan

Police officer shoots a man carrying a meat cleaver on 32nd and Broadway. Motive for incident unclear.

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Police investigate scene of meat cleaver attack in Manhattan
Police investigate scene of meat cleaver attack in Manhattan

A police officer on Thursday shot a man carrying a meat cleaver near Macy's in New York City, a police source said, according to ABC News.

Officers ordered the man -- spotted on 32nd Street and Broadway, blocks away from the department store -- to drop the cleaver and opened fire when he did not, the source said.

The suspect was taken to Bellevue Hospital Center, according to the source, and is listed in critical condition.

The incident took place around 5:00 p.m. local time on Thursday.

One officer suffered a laceration to the head and a second officer may have been grazed, the source told ABC News.

Both officers were taken to Bellevue Hospital Center with what were described as non-life threatening injuries.

"Officers in midtown Manhattan encountered a man with meat cleaver. Officers discharged several rounds striking the suspect," NYPD spokesman J. Peter Donald said, according to BNO News.

"One officer was struck with the meat cleaver and transported to an area hospital. The suspect was also hit by an officer."

A large police presence was seen in the Midtown Manhattan neighborhood following the incident, the background to which remains unclear.