First female haredi judge appointed in Brooklyn

Haredi communities choose local representatives. Female haredi judge appointed in Brooklyn District Court.

Chana Roberts ,

Jews in Brooklyn
Jews in Brooklyn
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On Tuesday night, elections were held in haredi enclaves in Brooklyn. Turnout was large, as the haredi population went to the polls for the purpose of supporting their favored candidates.

In the Boro Park district, promising young businessman David Schwartz won the election.

Schwartz has promised to do much for the community in general, and for Boro Park's haredi population in particular. He is considered to be the right hand of Congressman Dov Hikind, who publicly supported Schwartz's campaign.

At the same time, Ruchie Freier, was chosen as judge in the Brooklyn District Court. Freier promises to represent her entire community in her new position.

Freier is a woman known for her extraordinary kindness and giving. A haredi woman and mother to six children, Freier has a degree in law, and has served, among other things, as a lawyer.

In recent years, Freier helped establish the charitable organization, "Ezrat Nashim."

"Ezrat Nashim," is a rescue organization intended to help women only, helping with CPR and other medical care, as well as aiding women during and immediately after childbirth.

In the Monsey District, businessman Aharon Veeder was re-elected. He will soon compete in the Democratic party, as Monsey's haredi representative.