Youths arrested in Nahliel put under house arrest

The 2 youths arrested in yesterday’s police raid are suspected of hate crimes and have been transferred to house arrest for seven days.

Ido Ben Porat ,

Oliver Pitosi, Flash 90

The two 14-year-old students that were arrested yesterday in the Nahliel Yeshiva have been transferred to house arrest for seven days. The two suspects are believed to have been involved in nationalistically-motivated “price tag” crimes.

Another teen was arrested during the raid and has since been released. Additionally, another youth, who was arrested and injured during the raid, was taken to Hadassah Hospital for treatment. He is suspected of allegedly attacking the police and will be placed under house arrest for five days.

The police have demanded that the family pay 1,000 Shekels for his release.

An organization called Honenu has appealed on behalf of the youth, asking to reverse the decision.

Attorney Avichai Hajbi represents the youth and claims that the youth was attacked and acted in self-defense. Hajbi asked that the decision be reversed as he claims his client has done nothing wrong.