Hamas takes advantage of cancer patients

Hamas has been taking advantage of privileges granted to cancer patients to smuggle funds and give directives for terror attacks.

Arutz Sheva Staff,


The Hamas terror group takes advantage of Israel's humanitarian policies and uses patients who receive treatment in hospitals in Israel to transfer funds and information for terror activities, Channel 10 News reports.

Hamas operatives wait for people who have transit permits out of Gaza at the checkpoint before the Erez Crossing, and give them money, directives, and especially valuable information for transfer to operatives in Israel for the sake of establishing terror cells and infrastructure.

So far Israeli security agencies have arrested dozens of people who collaborated with Hamas, with some of them carrying large sums of money. According to the reports, in one case thousands of euro were found in a hairp accessory belonging to a heart-disease patient who had a permit to receive treatment in Israel.

The patients who are found to be collaborating with Hamas to enable terror attacks are usually questioned in Israeli territory and returned to Gaza.