Police indict youth for firing air gun

A resident of a Samaria hilltop outpost was charged with firing an air gun at a Palestinian car. Honenu: It was act of self-defense.

Shlomo Piotrokowski ,

Police unit
Police unit

A resident of a Samarian outpost was arrested recently by the police and the GSS under suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm as was released for publication this afternoon (Sunday).

The detainee, an 18-year-old resident of Giv'at Arusi in Samaria is suspected of firing his air gun towards a Palestinian taxi on 24/8/16. As a result of the shooting the back window was smashed without causing any injury.

Police say that in a search of the youth's house they uncovered the air gun he used, the APV he was driving at the time of the incident, a cartridge with plastic bullets, gas canisters, a slingshot and a metal box with 37 wheel-shredding spikes.

The youth admitted the shooting during investigation and reconstructed it. He said that he was driving near the Yitzhar junction and shot towards the Palestinian car with his air gun and then escaped.

Today he was charged in court with endangering human life and was remanded until further decision.

However the Honeinu organization says that from the text of the indictment and from the facts of the case as presented to the Lod District court this morning it emerges that the act was in response to life threatening behavior on the part of the taxi driver. There is no mention in the indictment of a racial motive or of a security issue.

Attorney Itai Rosin, the defendant's lawyer said in response: "He is a young man on the verge of being inducted into the IDF. He felt endangered by the irresponsible driving of the plaintaiff and used a toy gun - an air gun. This was no price tag, my client has no connection to this or any other group. It is unthinkable that the place of residence of my client should lead to a decision to investigate the case in the GSS and that he should be denied the right to see a lawyer as well as a gag order being placed as if it were a serious security offence. This caused a continuous and harsh impingement on his basic rights. If he were from Hertzliya or Tel Aviv he would not have been investigated by the GSS or denied a lawyer and I'm sure this will be taken into account during the trial."