Tenara Calem: An actor with soul

Allison Josephs hosts Jewish actor and writer Tenara Calem.

Allison Josephs ,

Tenara Calem
Tenara Calem
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Tenara Calem grew up in Columbus, Ohio under the loving embrace of a struggling Midwestern theater community.

She spent four idyllic years in the Green Mountains of Vermont earning her BA in Drama and Political Science at Bennington College, focusing primarily on acting, playwriting, and comparative politics.

Her love of theater has taken her to Dresden, Germany, as a performer for Theater Junge Generation, and to Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company in Washington DC and Target Margin Theater Company in Brooklyn, New York.

Recently, Tenara's play Aviva in October was selected as one of the Top 10 for the Jewish Play Project's 2016 Playwrighting contest.

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