'He survived, but was put into a coma'

After a tragic car accident, Rabbi Ominer needs help covering the medical expenses his insurance doesn't cover.

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Rabbi Ominer
Rabbi Ominer

They were a normal family, much like any other, when tragedy struck.

Nobody could have imagined that Rabbi Ominer - a devoted father and husband - would have a brush with death in a tragic car accident.

Miraculously, he survived, but was sent into a coma. His terrified wife and 14 children waited by his side, counting the days. Finally, he woke up. But the story was not over.

Now he needs many surgeries that his insurance will not cover. This large family, living very modestly as it is, has turned to us for help to get by.

In the darkness and despair there is a glimmer of hope for the future. Their daughter is now engaged to be married.

Family celebrations must go on in times of suffering, but how can they think of paying for a chasuna in a time like this? How can a kallah purchase the things she needs for her chuppah and new home, when her own father, who is barely recognizable, cannot afford the help he needs?

That is why we have established this foundation, to help support this family in their time of dire need. Pain and suffering can turn to the hope for the future, with the help of your contribution. Please do not wait, the need is painfully urgent.