'We will fight the BDS movement'

Director of the Lev HaOlam organization welcomes Brussels Airlines' decision to reverse halva boycott.

Eliran Aharon ,

Nati Rom
Nati Rom
Eliran Aharon

Nati Rom, director of the Lev HaOlam organization that ships products from Judea and Samaria worldwide, welcomed on Tuesday the decision by Brussels Airlines to back down from its boycott and allow Achva halva products on its flights.

Brussels Airlines had taken Achva halva bars out of its snack options, after a pro-Palestinian Arab organization pressured it to remove products made in Judea and Samaria, as part of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign to delegitimize Israel.

Achva is located in the Barkan Industrial Zone in Ariel 20 miles east of Tel Aviv, an industrial park that employs thousands of Arab Palestinian workers.

After the move caused a public uproar, the company on Monday announced that it had backtracked on the boycott and would offer the products on its flights yet again.

“I’m glad to hear that Brussels Airlines decided not to boycott products from Judea and Samaria,” Rom told Arutz Sheva on Tuesday.

“We at Lev HaOlam will fight any decisions of companies around the world who are surrendering to the BDS movement. We will not leave the international arena to the BDS movement. We will fight back. People more and more, especially in Europe, are understanding that not only is Judea and Samaria a part of Israel, it is the heartland of Israel,” he continued.

“We are here to call on all the supporters of Israel to come and join us and buy products from Israel, and especially from Judea and Samaria,” added Rom.