Elor Azariya returns to court

The Azariya trial continues today, with new testimonies expected over the week.

Eliran Aharon ,

Elor Azariya returns to military court
Elor Azariya returns to military court
Eliran Aharon

The trial of accused soldier Elor Azariya is set to continue Sunday morning, after a month hiatus.

Azariya is accused of unnecesarily shooting and killing a wounded terrorist in Hevron. Azariya supporters claim the trial has been unfairly manipulated for political purposes, presenting Azariya as an irresponsible killer.

Over the next several days, the defense will continue to present its evidence, including the testimonies of commanders at the scene, and expert witnesses.

Azariya's lawyer, Attorney Binyamin Malka, emphasized at the entrance of the courthouse that "after we were exposed to the prosecution witnesses, most of whom were contradicted, we have no doubt that the truth will come out with the defense witnesses. Justice will be seen, justice will be served, and Sergeant Azariya's innocence will be proved beyond a doubt."

The expert witness list is expected to include General (Reserves) Uzi Dayan, General (Reserves) Dan Biton, and Colonel (Reserves) Shmuel Zakai.

Recent statements published by all three indicate that they felt Azariya acted appropriately for the situation, and that the Hevron matter was wrongly handled by local command.

Outside the military court (Photo: Eliran Aharon)