Policeman saves sea turtle drowning in trash

Ron Evron was out kayaking when he spotted a sea turtle entangled in a burlap bag. "It was very emotional."

Rachel Kaplan,

Sea turtle (Illustration)
Sea turtle (Illustration)
Gili Yaari/Flash 90

A police investigator who was kayaking this morning near Ashdod, in the south, spotted a sea turtle struggling in the water.

When he rowed over, he discovered the turtle's fin had caught in a piece of a burlap bag, dragging him down.

The investigator, Sergeant Major Ron Evron, took the turtle safely into his kayak. With the help of a nearby lifeguard, Danny "Goofy" Adler, they cut free the turtle's entrapped fin, then sent him on his way.

In the video, Goofy credits Evron with saving the turtle, but Evron becomes impatient.

"Okay, cut it for him, cut it for him and free him. Cut it for him."

When they finish checking that there are no more threads caught on the fin, Evron moves to take him to sea.

"Cool, huh?" he says to the camera with a half-smile. "Cool little guy."

The sea turtle swam away without incident.

"It was emotional," commented Evron to Ynet after the event. "The turtle returned to sea quickly, and seemed pretty happy about it. Sadly, I have seen a lot of dead sea turtles, and not just because of ocean pollution. I think that an event like this should teach us to take [our things away] - to conserve the cleanliness for the good of the animals, and obviously for the good of the people. We both lose out when the waters and beaches are polluted."