Dore Gold meets senior leaders in Guinea

Foreign Ministry Director-General Dore Gold flies to Guinea to meet leaders of the African nation in first expression of renewed relations.

Shai Landesman ,

Dore Gold with Guinean President Conde
Dore Gold with Guinean President Conde
Foreign Ministry

Director-General Dore Gold of the Foreign Ministry met with President Alpha Condé of the western African nation of Guinea and ten of Condé's ministers last night (Monday).

Gold and Guinea's foreign minister agreed on completing the process for appointing ambassadors between Jerusalem and Guinean capital Conakry. Israel said the ministry's visit to Guinea is the first expression of the rehabilitation of relations between the two countries, which were renewed about two months ago.

The renewal of diplomatic relations comes after 49 years of estrangement following the six day war.

Israel was one of the major donors to the international UN fund to combat the Ebola disease, with 10 Million Dollars. Israel also sent medical teams to Guinea to help diagnose and treat Ebola victims. Israeli officials say this assistance helped bring the two nations closer to reconciliation.

Guinea is a Muslim-majority country, and was the first nation to sever ties with Israel after the six-day war in 1967, after which many African Muslim countries followed suit, bowing to pressure from more powerful Muslim nations like Egypt.

“Guinea and Israel are countries with a long history of friendship even during the period in which they had no diplomatic relations,” Director-General of the Foreign Ministry, Dore Gold said.