Watch: Our soldiers speak

Arutz Sheva interviews Our Soldiers Speak, a new initiative to give actively serving IDF and police servicemen a voice to the world.

Eliran Aharon ,

Our Soldiers Speak
Our Soldiers Speak
Our Soldiers Speak

Our Soldiers Speak (O.S.S.) is an organization which gives a platform for the IDF and the Israel Police to be heard internationally.

O.S.S. sends active representatives of both security organizations to campuses worldwide, where they address the lies often spread in the common culture and media about their activities .

O.S.S. also brings IDF and police senior officials together with members of the US Congress and Senate to cover leading security issues and to hold strategic policy and security briefings.

Our Soldiers Speak is now working to combat ignorance by introducing more rigorous knowledge of Israel's history and culture into Jewish high schools throughout the US, as well as informal courses open to the public. Their O.S.S. Educate program is currently accessible to more than 3,000 students across the US.