'I screamed to my father, but he wouldn't wake up'

Man wounded in car accident passes away Saturday evening.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,


Zamir Yonah, who was severely wounded in a car accident Friday night in Beer Sheva, passed away Saturday evening.

Yonah, 47, was struck by a car as he and his daughter, Alona, were walking down Derech Hevron in the southern city.

Both Yonah and his daughter were transported to the Soroka Hospital in Beer Sheva after the accident.

Yonah’s 15-year old daughter, Alona has been listed in moderate condition after the accident. Speaking to journalists, Alona recounted the harrowing moments of the accident.

“Her father warned her about the [oncoming] car that had spun around towards them, and he grabbed her hand and told her ‘sweetie, watch out,’” a journalist from Channel 10 reported after meeting with Alona.

“Alona said she felt the impact of the oncoming car, and that they were crushed. She heard screaming, and cried out ‘father, father’, but was unable to wake him. She was the only one left conscious, and she was able to pull out her leg [from under the car].”

Regarding the driver of the car which struck them, Alona said “he was driving very fast, and we heard the screeching of his brakes. After the accident he got out of his car and said ‘what have I done, what have I done’,” to which Alona responded “get out of here and don’t touch me.”

Police say the incident is under investigation.