Police nab terrorist who stabbed yeshiva student

Security forces arrest Ahmad Naim A-Ashair, who stabbed an 18-year-old yeshiva student visiting cemetery on Mount of Olives in Jerusalem.

Arutz Sheva Staff , | updated: 4:38 PM

Scene of stabbing on Mount of Olives
Scene of stabbing on Mount of Olives
Hezki Baruch

Israeli security forces arrested a man suspected of stabbing an 18-year old yeshiva student on the Mount of Olives last Thursday.

The suspect, Ahmad Naim A-Ashair, is a 19-year-old terrorist from the A-Tur neighborhood in Jerusalem.

Police captured A-Ashair on Tuesday, though the arrest was not cleared for publication until Wednesday afternoon.

Forces were able to apprehend A-Ashair based on information gathered from intelligence sources. The 18-year-old victim of the attack suffered light to moderate injuries.

Upon investigation, the terrorist revealed that he had stabbed the yeshiva student with a board sharpened at its edge.

In addition, it was revealed that the terrorist had previously been involved in firebomb attacks and had hurled explosives at security forces.

The stabbing attack occurred last Thursday as the victim and several fellow students, all members of the Slonim Hassidic sect, were on their way to visit a grave at the ancient Jewish cemetery on the Mount of Olives.

The victim was stabbed after shopping at a nearby mini-market. A-Ashair stabbed the yeshiva student across his upper body, then fled.